Actor | Dancer | Singer

Hey there, Helen here! I’m so glad you popped by! I’m an introverted social butterfly with a love of song, dance, and story-telling. As a kid, teachers called me the energizer bunny on steroids and a little jumping bean.

Now I channel all that energy into learning new styles of dance, teaching myself to play the guitar, working on my blog and Etsy shop, and listening to any genre of music I can sing along to! I’m comfortable with a full plate, and last winter balanced being a full-time student with working retail part-time and performing in a regional production of Disney’s Newsies.

As I prepare for a career in the arts, I am working toward my BA in Theatre & Drama at Indiana University. Currently, I am training with the Conservatory at Steps on Broadway, and hope to be New York bound as soon as possible!

Helen in a nutshell:

  • INFJ and Enneagram 2
  • Forever a Chicago (suburbs) girl at heart
  • Will try almost any food once
  • Firmly believes too much is never enough when it comes to art deco or flared pants.

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